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It’s not creative. It’s mind-numbing, dangerous work. But seafood processing in Alaska might pay enough to support you for six months while you fully embrace your creative passion. I worked as a seafood processor during the winter season a couple years ago. It was an experience far more challenging than I predicted it would be. […]


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It gets easier. Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we get stuck. We hit a point where everything is overwhelming and we decide, “You know what? I can’t do this anymore. It’s just too hard.” And before we’ve even reached the end of the road, we want to give up just so we […]


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Teach your creative passion to others. Even if your creative passion isn’t saving the earth, you can preserve the culture your passion brings to earth. Blacksmithing, candle making, sculpting, woodworking… every creative art preserves self-expression in society. By taking an apprentice under your wing, you’ll help that person develop character and self-confidence while nourishing humanity […]


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Ten Reasons to Never Give Up

It gets easier. Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we get stuck. We hit a point where everything is overwhelming and we decide, “You know what? I can’t do this anymore. It’s just too hard.” And before we’ve even reached the end of the road, we want to give up just so we no longer feel pain. But no relief can come from giving up. Giving up only lowers us into depression.

Think back to a time in your life when you wanted to give up. Everyone has one. When I was working as a seafood processor in Alaska for 17 hours every day - cold, in pain, sleep-deprived, depressed, and covered in fish guts - I wanted to quit more than I ever had in my life. What kept me going was knowing that life would get easier. Knowing that I wouldn’t be in Alaska forever. It’s the same with any period in our lives. What is life, if not chapters or phases that start and end? Never forget that if you press on, life will get easier.

Somebody is worse off. And they aren’t quitting. There’s a pregnant high school student out there right now, struggling to stay in school and earn money from a night job to save up for the baby she wants to raise. Her childhood was cut short, the baby’s father abandoned her, and her family wants her to give the baby up for adoption. She has a long, hard life ahead of her, but she’s determined to graduate and make a life for herself and her child. She isn’t giving up. No matter what your situation, there’s somebody in the world, be it a pregnant student or a starving family, who is worse off than you and facing it head on. You too have an inner strength to face life’s challenges.

I’d like to share with you the inspirational story of Nick Vujicic, a man born with no arms and no legs.

To watch this video on YouTube, click here.

Someone will always be there to discourage you. Our families and friends, bless them, aren’t always the most supportive. Know when to listen, when to help them understand,  and when to tune them out. These are people who want what’s best for us. But their ignorance and fear can blend into a demeanor that feels cold and discouraging.

There were people in my family who were adamant that I receive a bachelor’s degree. They discouraged me from travel and seasonal work not because they didn’t want me to enjoy life, but because they were ignorant of alternatives to college and because they feared I couldn’t make a living without a degree. I tried to help them understand my passion for travel and adventure for a long time. Then I tuned out their discouraging words  and did what was best for me. Once they saw how happy I was, they began to support me.

You won’t always have the support of your family. And you certainly won’t always have the support of strangers. People will always be there to encourage or discourage you, whether you decide to give up or not. The cries of, “Quit now!” will rise up against the cries of, “Don’t ever give up!” until you can’t hear yourself think. Focus on the positive and drown out the negative.

Lots of people have been where you are, and they overcame the same obstacles. Sometimes we feel like a failure, but failure is a part of life. Success wouldn’t exist without it. Everyone is faced with obstacles to overcome. Those who already have offer support for those still struggling. Reach out to online support groups. A difficult path doesn’t need to be a lonely one.

I’d like to share an inspirational song from the 1967 film Valley of the Dolls. The film revolves around the lives of three young women pursuing acting, modeling, and singing careers. They become caught up in a web of fame, pressure, alcohol and prescription drugs termed “dolls.”  Not all three women are able to overcome the spiral of shame, depression, and addiction. But the hope brought to Hollywood by one of them is an inspirational story of courage and new beginnings.

To watch this video on YouTube, click here.

You have a reason to keep going. Go back to that reason whenever you feel like giving up. Family. Friends. Helping people. Write it down or find a representational photograph and put your reason in a visible location. Every time you see it, you should feel encouraged. You should feel like giving up isn’t an option.

It takes time to be successful. Despite what we read, there’s no such thing as an “overnight success.” Those who use the term are exaggerating. Based on my research, it takes around two years of consistent, valuable blogging to generate a substantial number of readers. This doesn’t mean I’ll be successful when Live Creatively’s two-year anniversary rolls around. It means success takes time. Your creative art, life passion, or career goals will also take time.

Below is a short video created by Chris Brogan, a successful business and personal development blogger. It refutes the idea that being termed an overnight success means anything but countless hours of hard work and dedication.

To watch this video on YouTube, click here.

We always want something more. It’s part of our nature. Nothing is ever perfect, and let’s face it: if everything was, we would be bored out of our minds. There would be no challenge for us. Coming home every day with a sunny, “Honey, I’m home! Work was swell!” would quickly wear thin. How long can you sit on the beach before you begin feeling restless? My limit is one day. Challenges are a part of life. I’m not so certain that’s a bad thing. Are you?

To watch this video on YouTube, click here.

You can take it a day at a time. It’s possible. Sometimes it’s the only way to get through rough times. Taking things one day at a time is useful for when you feel completely overwhelmed. There are a million things on your to-do list, the kids are screaming, the dog needs to go to the vet, and you haven’t done your weekly shopping yet. Instead of retreating to the back room and silently sobbing, take a deep breath and make a more immediate to-do list. If there’s anything that can wait, put it off until you’re feeling more ambitious. Make today about the bare essentials. Everything else can wait.

We can forget what’s really important. In our pursuit of money, recognition, and material possessions, we can forget that the only things worth fighting for are the people in our lives and our passion for living. We can forget what really nurtures the soul. Without love for people and passions, there’s something missing. So your family or friends don’t support your decisions. They still love you. So following your dreams is proving more difficult than you ever imagined. You still love what you do. These core values are the only things that truly matter.

To watch this video on YouTube, click here.


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